Shin Dig Media was created by Matt Pengelly as a way of promoting the sport of bike trials.

In 2020 being locked down reminded us just how integral trials riding was to our social lives, as well as our mental health. 

As avid listeners of podcasts, we wanted a platform to connect and share with trials riders at a time where connection was required more than ever. 

Trials biking is also a physical sport, with parkour and similar disciplines taking main stage on YouTube, we wanted to give street trials a platform that can be regularly showcased to the world.

Our aim is to catch the essence of the sport, highlight the fun and connection that is shared in our incredible community! 

It is never about “who can go biggest?” or “who is the best?”, but the actual energy of the ride itself, helping other riders pushing their own personal boundaries and most of all, having fun!

All profits from our merchandise is invested directly back into Shin Dig Media (podcast hosting, shop hosting, web domain, efficient video production etc).

The Shin Dig.  By Trials Riders, for Trials Riders.