How long does it take to get my stuff?

All of our items are made to order (how cool is that! made specifically for you!). We use various suppliers around the world.  Our EU stock can take up to 7 working days, with our US stock up to 14 working days

Why don’t you just stock the items yourselves?

Both Matt and Tom have full time jobs outside of The Shin Dig. On top of producing podcasts and regular YouTube content we feel that dedicating time to inventory and shipping would spread ourselves too thin and detrimentally impact the quality of our media.

Why does shipping vary so much?

For the best range of products we work with several suppliers. Dependent on which items you order each supplier has a minimum cost for shipping.

Supplier 1

  • SD Socks
  • SD Embroidered hoodies
  • SD Caps
  • SD Champion Rain Jacket

1st item £5.99. Each additional item £1.99

Supplier 2

  • SD Premium T-Shirt
  • Premium Hoody
  • SD Mug
  • SD Sweater

1st item is £5.99. Each additional item £1.99

What is the Shin Dig?

The Shin Dig is a brand dedicated to the sport of bicycle trials, see our About Us page

Can I submit my design?

We love new concepts and ideas, The Shin Dig is a representation of the trials community. If you have a new logo or idea we’d love to be able to promote it!

I would like X product? Can you make it?

We are able to source lots of different products, if something is missing from our website that you would like to see, just drop us an email and we’d love to accommodate for you.  If you think it’s needed, chances are someone else is probably thinking the same thing!

What is the future for The Shin Dig?

We would like to continually invest in and promote the sport. It is an incredibly unique discipline that deserves to be showcased to the world!